Privacy Policy

These regulations are applied from 18 May 2018

Privacy Policy regulates processing personal data and usage of cookies on the website (hereinafter Website) of OÜ Baltimetall (hereinafter Reiuatv).


Processing of personal data includes every kind of activity carried out with the personal data of the User of this website (hereinafter User) – collecting, processing, storing, correcting or deleting personal data.

The Users are all the persons who visit the Website, use the services or forward the information to the web secretary. For example reading the articles, booking the services or contacting the web secretary by an email.

The services include all the free or charged products and services provided by Reiuatv.

Processing of personal data

Visiting the Website the User gives consent for processing personal data according to the Privacy Policy.

Reiuatv collects the following personal data described as follows on the Website:

  • User’s name and email address – during the request of information
  • User’s name, email address, address of residence, name of the receiver of the Gift Certificate – on ordering a Gift Certificate
  • User’s name, email address and phone number – on booking a tour
  • The statistics of visits of the Website – by Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel

Usage of personal data

Reiuatv uses the personal data as follows:

  • To provide services to the User, for example to make and perform the contract, communicate with the User, send an invoice;
  • To send notifications of new articles, services and campaigns to User’s email, in case the User has provided the consent beforehand.

Reiuatv uses the statistics of visits of the Website to improve the user experience and more effective marketing.

The User has the right to forbid the processing of the personal data at any time, except to comply the contractual obligations, included services.

Sharing the personal data with the third parties

The third party is a contractual partner of Reiuatv, who processes the personal data and provides products or services to the customers of Reiuatv.

Reiuatv uses routinely the third parties who provide:

  • The systems for forwarding and managing the emails
  • Website hosting
  • The analysis of statistics of the usage of the Website
  • The usage of social media and the analysis of statistics of social media
  • The usage of accounting software

In addition to the previously mentioned third parties, the web secretary forwards personal data to the contractual partners. This only to the extent that is necessary for providing the services to the User. We may provide the data to the officials if such an obligation arises from legislation.

Keeping and protecting the personal data

Reiuatv keeps the personal data as long as it has fulfilled the objective or is legally necessary. For example the accounting data will be kept for 7 years after the end of the financial year, the email address will be kept in the email list as long as the User will have expressed the wish to remove the email address from the list.

Reiuatv applies all reasonable measures to protect the personal data in process. The access to the personal data for changing and processing is granted to the authorized persons only, and the personal data of all the Users will be treated as confidential information.

The legal rights of the User

The User has always the right to:

  • Request the access to their personal data
  • Request to correct and supplement the personal data, or erase the personal data on legal bases;
  • Request restriction on processing the personal data;
  • Request the transfer of the personal data.

In order to exercise the rights the User must send a request to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If the User is in the mailing list of Reiuatv, they can delete themselves from the list and abandon the further emails by clicking on the link at the end of the email.

To limit the usage of cookies the User can make the choices in the settings of the personal web browser.

If the User believes that their rights of processing of the personal data have been violated, they have the right to turn to Data Protection Inspectorate.


Reiuatv website uses the cookies to ensure better user experience, more effective marketing activities and collect usage statistics.

By using the website of Reiuatv the User gives his/her consent to use the cookies as described.

The cookie is a small text file, which the web browser automatically installs into the device the User is using. Cookies might be created by different service providers, for example by Google and Facebook. The files of cookies are not harmful to the devices.

Two types of cookies:

  1. Persistent Cookies, which remain in the cookie file of the device. For example, these might be used to recognize the User as the repeat user of the website, and for adjusting the content of the website according to the needs of the User or for collecting the statistics.
  2. Session Cookies are temporary and disappear when the User leaves or closes the website. Session Cookies might be used for the specific functions of the web site, for example to enable to seek out a service or product.

The cookies are used to collect data about how the website is used, to personalise and change it more user friendly. In addition, the cookies help to collect statistics of the usage of the Website, which enables to measure and improve the function of the Website, and yields the base data for effective promotion and marketing.

The User has given the consent for using the cookies when the settings of their device allow the cookies. Often the web browsers allow the storage of the cookie files into the device by default. The User may prohibit the cookies in their device or delete the files by changing the settings of their web browser. The Website might not work properly when the cookies are not allowed. To delete the cookies from the browser:

Using the Google Chrome browser

Click on the icon with three dots (Burger icon) in the upper right corner

Click on More tools -> Clear browsing data

For deleting choose Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files.

Using the Internet Explorer browser

Click on the Gear icon in the upper right corner.

Choose Safety-> Delete browsing history

Using the Mozilla Firefox browser

Choose History -> Delete Recent History

To collect the usage statistics Reiuatv uses the services of Google Analytics, collecting the data of visits of webpages, visit times, number of visits, the devices on use, entering channels and other statistics.

Nevertheless Google Analytics might collect data about activity of the users without using cookies. For not allowing Google Analytics to use the data, the User can block it by using a special application: an extension for quitting Google Analytics.

Following links provide more information about promotions in Facebook Ads and Facebook Pixel.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Reiuatv is keeping the right to change the Privacy Policy unilaterally and without prior notice, to ensure the compliance with the law. The latest version of the Privacy Policy is always available on the Website.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. concerning all questions about the Privacy Policy and data processing.